Manufacturing Service

Zettaone offer complete electronics manufacturing services ranging from SMT and Through-Hole PCB Assemblies to complete packaged products. Also, can support small batch or high-volume production as well as completely tested, QA and supply chain solutions. Our manufacturing team assure that your product will be delivered on time with right price and best in quality.
Our team of purchasing professionals explore the world's markets to find the best deal on the components, PCB and mechanical manufacturing.

We provide the following services with our highly experienced technical team and the proven processes

• Component sourcing
• PCB Manufacturing
• PCB assembly
• Mechanical manufacturing
• Product assembly
• Functional testing


• 2000 Sqft ESD dust free workspace
• SAP 26 Screen Printer
• Yamaha YS12F high speed pick and   place machine-21000
• CPH with BGA ball recognition system
• MyData My9 Proto pick and place   machine- 7000 CPH
• EPS SMT Lead free reflow oven

• Ensuring product conformity
• Documentation & design procedures to   ISO 9001:2008
• Test and QA
• Packaging

• ESD temperature controlled stations
• Capability of handling 0201 to IC, QFP,   QFN BGA CSP's (Upto 0.2mm pitch)
• Rework stations
• EPS wave soldering machine
• Stuffing conveyors, Baking oven

Small Batch Production

Our team can provide rapid turnaround of a small batch product without any MoQ.

High Volume Production

we’re skilled and competent at meeting the high volume and high quality with best price in market.

Spot Orders

We are happy to provide spot orders too and due to our considerable experience in the industry we can deliver one-off orders however large or small that meet your specification and requirements.

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