About Zettaone

Zettaone is branded by its Expertise, Commitment & High Standard of Quality

Zettaone Technologies, established in 2007 and offering End-End engineering consulting services to multiple industry segments like Semiconductor, Automotive, Industrial, IoT and Telecommunication. We have a highly capable team of System Architects to Product Application / Support Professionals who know how to drive the project and deliver results.

"We strongly believe that our unique expertise is about we providing Timely and Cost-Effective support with Quality. Our Design and Manufacturing abilities are the key factor for our clients to expect single point of solution, all under one roof"

Here we give big hands to support your project 24/7

The service is performed by a specialized team of Zettaone technicians. They will be composed by software engineers having overall knowledge of the rigs, programs, logics, sequences and special procedures.

They will be stand by and available on call twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Operative Support Live 24/7 From Remote is provided to identify immediately any problem which could arise and its solution. The technicians will be able to communicate by phone and email to the client representative.